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roses in the winter

By thursdays and rain / Category Prose

It seems that I can't write a single thing that isn't about you. You have murdered my words and raped my thoughts with your aftertaste. And my stuttering consciousness has escaped my lips to turn into this fragmented sunshine that shatters inside my irises like sparks. And love becomes a distant memory where your ethereal face haunts my dreams and my whispers turn into screams.

I watch my fantasies fade and wither like roses in the winter and this is the end of illusions but I can't stop from wishing on a broken star and insanity defines me and my heart, it beats and it beats on and on and it doesn't stop like I want it to stop.

Your words breathe like they have a life of their own and since you have massacred mine, I would like to hang onto what's left of my reveries and die slowly.

You kill me with your cyanide tongue and as I overdose on yesterday's delusions, I smile and sink deeper into this abyss they call nirvana.

© Copyright tiara fernandez

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