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thursdays and rain
thursdays and rain 11 Feb 2013 Tag: rant 2 comments, leave your own..


the crayon moon fades into a banana split tragedy,
pressed between the pages of a suicide note
written in memory of the last breath of day
and as the crybaby sky drowns itself with its own tears,
I bury the torment of your ghost’s cast-off mannequin
in the basement of my subconscious,
leading me one step closer to where
the earth and sky lay crucified
behind a black hole of
amethyst-lipped cattleya orchids
and as my tongue plays candy soccer with the rainbows
inside my mouth, thoughts of you infect my mind
like pixie dust-- the kind that cuts through skin
but you barely notice the pain because
you're too preoccupied watching
the shades of yesterday reflect tomorrow
in your distorted vantage point
oh, I could have been your toxic paramour
with mermaid tale braids in your celestial suburbia
of deformed dreams, stuck within the
hollow expanse of your ribcage
but like the wild smudges of a dead end city
on a watercolour painting, I’m just a
misplaced manika with a slipknot
tied around my heart


Words: 178 / Updated: 11 Feb 2013 / © Copyright tiara fernandez

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ness 5 years, 3 months ago New Comment

of deformed dreams, stuck within the
hollow expanse of your ribcage

this was the meat and bones of the poem for me. it felt primal and bitter and hurt and staved. . ..
love your use of imagery, and the slightly insane manner of the poem; the inner insanity that is. ...the fright of an end. the love of a wound, deeply still wounding. ..


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thursdays and rain 5 years, 3 months ago

thank you kindly ..♥

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Ramsie 5 years, 3 months ago New Comment

your words are like a fortress
and then what is so counterintuitive to me
is the components of this fortress -
are turned inside out-

as if they are arm-hands in all directions

"I’m just a
misplaced manika with a slipknot
tied around my heart"

in another poem you referenced

a certain "kind" of tear
a synthetically drugged -
tear state
as one would take if they were prescribed medicine
these are very heavy and sad
pieces of mortar stuck in this fortress
and maybe this fortress needs to be strong for a long time
so we can behold it
a string of something
that glows throughout
the ineffableness? -and if i missed it
thani might see it later -
i often come back and re-read poetry-
i am not the swiftest person here

*i came back - last night i thought of the word "fortress"
i am amazed at this fortress.
it has so many aspects to it.
its incredible

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thursdays and rain 5 years, 3 months ago

thank you ..♥

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