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A The Dreamer, and the Deceiver.

tpu 23 Sep 2017 Tag: Dream 2 comments, leave your own..


There was once a time,
I could rid, all I had gathered,
and speak to the trees.

To the wind, to the water
to the sun, to the soil.

I knew their names.

. . .

When the wind would sing,
pines would sigh remembrance
and the streams would weep.

Ev'ry stone, and ev'ry leaf,
all the thrumming birds and bees.

I knew their names.

. . .

Though I knew it was a dream,
I could see beyond my reach.

. . .

Words: 76 / Updated: 23 Sep 2017 / © Copyright

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carlosjackal 3 weeks, 2 days ago New Comment

Top quality writing that hits deep.

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ButcherBelial 3 weeks, 2 days ago New Comment

Amazing piece, brother. You're another one I would like to thank for helping to keep IC a high quality site. You have provided some fine maintenance and I'm deeply grateful for that. You've been a tremendous influence on my own writing, so the gratitude goes even deeper. Thanks for sharing your darkly poignant expressions.

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